How ProCocktails will bring sparkle and originality to your occasion

Are you bored with the kind of parties where everyone brings a bottle, and the guests huddle together in small cliques leaving a lingering air of flatness over the occasion? Regrettably, we all know what it Is like to attend a social gathering that we cannot wait to leave. Well, social or business functions really needn’t be like this.

The alternative is to hire ProCocktails to provide an uplifting way of adding verve and originality to your occasion. When your guests are being served cocktails by a professional mixologist, your party or social gathering will immediately be transformed into a brilliant, lively event. Everyone will be having too much fun to want to leave – so, you’ll probably have to beg them to go home!

When ProCocktails arrived on the scene in 2009, they discovered an unfulfilled niche in the alcoholic and fruit beverage market. Until then, the world of party-going and corporate hospitality was – to be frank – pretty dull. What had been missing was a level of sparkle that would keep guests entertained as well as suitably liquidly refreshed. By introducing mobile cocktail bars run by skilled professional mixologists, it was akin to literally putting the spirit and zest back into party going.
Events of every kind – staff parties, birthday bashes, weddings, product launches – have all become much more exciting and fun. The cocktail was not only revived as an enjoyable medium of social drinking – but it became cemented into the psyche as an element of elegant social entertaining. This is to not just down to the precise way a cocktail is perfectly mixed, but also due to the verve, presentation and artistry of the mixologists that shake and serve the beverages

We have become intrigued by James Bond’s favourite tippled – a dry Martini “shaken, not stirred.” But, throughout history, the cocktail has been regarded as a most sophisticated and desirable way of enjoying alcoholic and fruit-based beverages. To take things a step further, if you have seen the 1988 film Cocktail, you cannot help being enthralled by the antics of Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown’s approach to mixing drinks to appreciate how much style a flamboyant bartender can bring to the party.

Today, mixing cocktails has become a precise science. Drinks can be colourful and are often served in tantalisingly shapely glasses. When offered an expertly shaken cocktail – how many can refuse the temptation? The cocktail is an art form that tastes even better than it looks – and the effect is … simply intoxicating!