As an extension of ProCocktails cocktail bar services, we also offer a range of high-quality glassware for hire, fruit purees, premium soft drinks, syrups and ice. These items are available exclusively to clients that book the services of our skilled mixologists. Orders for these products can be placed with your mixologist on the day of your event.

We also offer a new range of pre-mixed bottled cocktails that you can order from ProCocktails at any time. These are professionally mixed and will be delivered to your door next day with instructions for shaking and serving.

ProCocktails bottled cocktails are proving to be immensely popular as a low-cost alternative for those that prefer a do-it-yourself approach to cocktail serving. You need no previous mixing experience to offer your guests exotic, freshly prepared cocktails. Our range of expertly prepared bottled cocktails removes the need to hire a bar and mixologist – or having to purchase expensive cocktail making accessories.

Bottled cocktails, can be supplied in any quantity so make excellent gifts. All that is required to have perfectly mixed cocktails is to shake and serve – all the finite blending of ingredients having been done for you by our professional mixologists.