Espresso Martini




  • Premium Vodka
  • Coffee Liqueur (Khalua)
  • Freshly Made Espresso Coffee
  • Handmade Sugar Syrup

Single Bottle:

  • 17.5oz / 500ml Bottled Cocktail
  • Pack of Garnishes

Gift Set:

  • 28oz / 828ml 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker
  • 17.5oz / 500ml Bottled Cocktail
  • 8.5oz / 240ml Coupe Glass
  • Pack of Garnishes

Case of 6 Bottles:

  • 28oz / 828ml 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker
  • 6 x 17.5oz / 500ml Bottled Cocktails
  • 6 x Pack of Garnishes

Case of 12 Bottles:

  • 28oz / 828ml 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker
  • 12 x 17.5oz / 500ml Bottled Cocktails
  • 12 x Pack of Garnishes

Please note that cases of 6 or more are delivered in high-quality plastic bottles.

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The perfect gift idea or simply a way to enjoy a delicious cocktail at home without purchasing numerous costly items. Each bottled cocktail is crafted using the best ingredients and freshly made-to-order by our professional mixologists.

How To:

Start by cooling the coupe glass by placing ice in it. Pour 125ml of content into the cocktail shaker, add ice, shake well for approximately 10 seconds and strain into the chilled coupe glass. Will yield approximately four servings.


Float 3 coffee beans.


Forget the ‘Vodka Red Bull’, this is the cocktail connoisseur’s way of combining caffeine and vodka.


Created by Dick Bradsell and adapted from his 1983 ‘Vodka Espresso’ invented at the Soho Brasserie, London, England. One of the most imitated modern classic cocktails is the Espresso Martini (originally called a Vodka Espresso on ice), created by living legend Dick Bradsell in 1983 at Brasserie Soho in London.

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Single Bottle, Gift Set, Case of 6, Case of 12