A Marriage Made From Heaven

A Marriage Made From Heaven


Once upon a time, two families would get together, invite a crowd of friends and relatives – maybe add a few favourite work colleagues into the mix – to celebrate the joining of one man, to one women in matrimony. They would gather in a church, or register office, and afterwards pop to the nearest pub, hotel or other such venue to have a meal – known colloquially as a wedding breakfast – and a good few drinks.

And then everything started to change! ProCocktails came along and weddings were never quite the same again!

Foremost, weddings are no longer just between one man and one woman, but can be a happy alliance between any two, loving people. Sensibly, gender no longer has to be an issue – so a wedding is just as likely to be between two men – or indeed – two women. Well, why not?

But, it is not just the gender of the happy couple that has changed, it is also the entire way that we tend to celebrate weddings that has become so different.

Ceremonies have become far less stuffy – even the clergy are showing signs of becoming g more liberal – but the biggest changes are in the post-ceremony celebrations. Wedding receptions have become hugely more competitive as couples strive to outplay each other by replacing formal affairs with gloriously themed parties where their guests can really let their hair down and celebrate in style. Today – anything is acceptable!


Okay, we may be biased – but what can be more stylish, smooth and yes, sophisticated, than a cocktail party where the Mixologists (that’s bartenders to you and me!) not only create furiously exotic alcoholic beverages – but will also provide your guests with an entertaining interlude? By all means enjoy some wine with your wedding dinner (oops! Breakfast) but afterwards why not turn the reception into a party by introducing some cocktail time?

Well, you really don’t have to look any further if you want to escape from the normal, run-of-the-mill wedding reception where everybody adjourns to the bar to enjoy a pint or three. At this point, as experienced wedding goers know, weddings can reach a boring lull while the bride and groom – groom and groom – bride and bride – await the arrival of their evening guests or for the disco to set up. For most it has already been a long day so at this point today’s more savvy couples will introduce some kind of entertainment to revive the wilting occasion. Some may hire a conjurer; others a fortune teller – but many will introduce   a mobile cocktail bar to inject life and a little exotica into the proceedings.

If you would like an excitingly stylish way to entertain – as well as refresh – your guests at your wedding reception, then ProCocktails has the ideal solution. Everybody loves a cocktail, and we can really think of no better place to enjoy a Vesper (shaken – not stirred) a Mojito or a Daiquiri than at something as sensible and sophisticated as a wedding.

The sky’s the limited when it comes to cocktails. But, if you want us to add something really special to your celebration – then why not allow our skilled Mixologists to invent a designer cocktail in your name to be enjoyed on your wedding day?

How about that?


As most banqueting suites, hotels, halls and restaurants that cater for wedding receptions only have the facilities and staff to provide general bar services, they tend to rely on external services such as ProCocktails to provide specialist mixologists to create freshly prepared cocktails.

Because mixing cocktails is a very specialist science, the management of catering venues are mostly happy for couples to bring a ProCocktails pop-up bar as a key part of their wedding entertainment.

Having a ProCocktails bar will also provide your guests with a wider selection of beverages especially when we work in harmony with the venue’s bar service that can still serve those guests who prefer to drink beer, spirits or soft drinks.


A ProCocktails bar really is ideally suited to any occasion!

During the build up to your wedding, it is customary for the Bride to entertain her friends at a Hen Party while the Groom will do something similar in the form of a Stag Party.

Although, in days gone by, ladies were more readily associated with drinking cocktails at special occasions – today this would be frowned at and seen as rather sexist. Of course, let it be known, just as many men enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail, even though spirits preferred in the mixes may be quite different for the Stags than for the Hens.

ProCocktails has also recently introduced an additional service for the ladies in the form of a Topless Male Mixologist! Well, he should really get the party going.

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