Portable Card Payment Solution

Portable Card Payment Solution


5 Benefits Of A Portable Card Machine

Looking for a better way to organise payments at your event? A portable card machine is the way to go. Quick and simple, it keeps the attention away from the spending and onto the event at hand.
This affordable investment will relieve you of stress, planning, concerns and problems to deal with, making it definitely worthwhile to consider. It’s worth throwing away the headaches for an easy solution that will please event organisers and guests alike.

Here are 5 benefits of using a portable card machine…

1. It’s Easy
Instead of worrying about having cash, guests simply have to remember their card. On your end, there’s no worry about ensuring you have the right change and having to count it up at the end of the night.

2. You Control The Cost
Event organisers get full say over costs using a portable card machine, meaning you won’t have to allow for variances in your budgeting and costing plans. Not only does this speed up the whole planning process and keep things simple on your end, but it means that you can use your expertise to charge guests the most appropriate amount.

3. It’s Secure
Don’t worry about missing cash or incorrect payments, with the automatic card system you know that everyone will pay the right amount and there’s no chance of it being stolen. Guests can even add gratuity via the card payment system, making tips even more secure.

4. No Need For Prepaid Bar Tabs
Don’t both yourself with pre-paid bar tabs, with a portable machine guests won’t have to go to the trouble of going through their tab and you won’t have to organise it. Just let them pay as they go so that they can enjoy the experience, rather than being bogged down in their finances at the end.

5. Less Can Go Wrong
With no threat of stealing or running out of change, there is far less that could go wrong. Instead, focus on running your event because this is one aspect you can rely on.

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