The Professional Touch


The Professional Touch


If you’ve ever attempted to mix a cocktail, you will appreciate that it is not as simple as it may appear. Okay, if you pull all the ingredients together for a Daiquiri or a Singapore Sling, you may be able to conjure up an alcoholic drink that tastes similar and may even look pretty – but to create the PERFECT COCKTAIL with precisely the correct balance, that tastes exactly right, is an entirely different kettle of fish!

Please allow ProCocktails to introduce you to the exciting world of freshly prepared cocktails, that are mixed to perfection, and you will appreciate how we can turn an ordinary party or gathering of friends into an amazing and memorable occasion. We promise you won’t regret it!

The extra dimension that a cocktail bar with smartly uniformed mixologists will bring to the party is fundamentally why so many of our corporate and private clients return, to hire us again and again.

Here’s why! There is something timelessly elegant and sophisticated about sipping a cocktail, not least because it can conjure up fond memories of past sun-drenched holidays in exotic places. Now, our professional cocktail bartenders – or to be precise – Mixologists – will delight your guests by creating the enchanting tastes and magical moments befitting of a tropical paradise, turning a casual social get-together into something exceptional. Outstanding cocktails made only from the finest, freshest ingredients will, if you excuse the pun – break the ice – and your guests will extol your virtues by talking about your occasion for weeks to come.

We specialise in

hosting cocktail parties at all kinds of events including

  • Receptions
  • Housewarming Parties
  • Hen Parties
  • Fancy Dress & Themed Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Family, Alumni & Military Reunions
  • Dinner Parties
  • Christmas Parties
  • House / Garden Parties
  • Cocktail Classes
  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Events
  • Staff Training
  • Bar / Club Openings
  • Any Social Event Imaginable

If you are a BAR, RESTAURANT, HOTEL OR BANQUETTING MANAGER, why not hire PROCOCKTAILS to host an exclusive cocktail evening for your guests by adding a new dimension to your usual activities?

Instead of the hassle of bringing in additional casual staff whenever you have a significant function – why not consider PROCOCKTAILS experienced Mixologists and Bartenders instead?

What is a Mixologist?

The term, Mixologist, is frequently bandied about these days, but what is a mixologist? How is a mixologist any different, for example, to a bartender? Perhaps this can best be illustrated by describing how a cook differs from a chef. Both prepare and cook food, but diners expect a chef to be trained to a significantly higher standard and expect him or her to create sensational culinary delights. Just as a top-flight chef has an intimate knowledge of how to combine the best ingredients to construct a mouth-watering dish – similarly, a mixologist will take a selection of the finest spirits, mixers and fresh ingredients to create a memorable cocktail masterpiece.

Comparing chefs to mixologists is hugely valid. While any competent bartender should be able to mix a standard range of cocktails, generally he or she will not be regarded as a specialist. A general bartender, unless specially trained, is less likely to have the comprehensive knowledge to mix a vast range of lesser-known cocktails. A bartender may also lack some of the finite skills that determine the subtle, yet vital, differences that separate one high-end spirit from the next when blending a specific cocktail. Just as an experienced chef can tell the difference between two near-identical cuts of sirloin steak to select the one with the best flavour; a skilled mixologist instinctively knows which brand of dry gin best partners lime juice to produce a remarkable Gimlet; or which makes the smoothest gin and tonic. Every spirit has individual characteristics that determine its unique taste, style and quality. The differences may be minute, but as any cocktail aficionado, will explain – it is the little differences that separate an efficient bartender from an outstanding mixologist!

To be exceptional as a mixologist – it is necessary for an individual to finely hone his or her mixing skills by gaining a precise, in-depth knowledge, developed over many years, that can define the unique tastes of a cocktail in much the same way, a sommelier can identify the grape varieties of a bottle of fine wine.

Being an exemplary mixologist requires a thorough command of alcoholic and non-alcoholic spirits, juices and condiments, by knowing how they combine to mix a perfect cocktail. Being proficient also demands an excellent level of artistry and showmanship.



Each of our hand-selected mixologists has a minimum of five-years bartending and cocktail experience and is fully trained to meet our exemplary high standards.

The services offered by ProCocktails come in all forms, depending on the occasion, the number of guests and, to a lesser extent, the nature of the venue. At its most simplistic, ProCocktails will provide a single cocktail bartender for private occasions such as a family gathering where the guest numbers are modest, to comprehensive bar services at lavish events with several hundred people.

We cater for occasions of all kinds; including entertaining corporate clients, engagement and wedding celebrations, garden parties and private dinners. We can provide anything from a modest table-top bar set up in a kitchen to a fully comprehensive mobile bar unit, adequately staffed by two or more bartenders with the capacity to produce almost unlimited cocktails.

Depending on your requirements, all ProCocktails mixologist services includes, within the cost, one or more professionally experienced bartenders, high-quality cocktail making equipment, plus 1-2 hours preparation time before serving begins.

To keep your party in full swing, we recommend hiring one bartender for every forty guests, with up to five choices of cocktails per menu.

We are proud of the flexibility of our customised services, and we are happy to work from a client’s bar, table or even a kitchen worktop. However, when the situation requires a more elaborate facility, we will provide portable bar units complete with a variety of stylish cocktail glassware.

As an alternative, you also have the option of providing your own cocktail ingredients, ice, and glasses that we shall be happy to mix at your event. Depending on your requirements, we will assist you in selecting the most appropriate cocktails for your occasion and will create a comprehensive shopping list to help you purchase the best spirits, mixers, fruit juices and condiments to create perfect cocktails.

Further Assistance

If a full bar service, including unlimited cocktails, is required, you can view complete information on our dedicated All-Inclusive Cocktail Bar page.

As an alternative, we can offer a complete CASH BAR service for occasions when guests are expected to pay for their drinks. Full details of this service can be viewed on our PayBar page.

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