A Mix of Sun, Romance And Fun

A Mix of Sun, Romance And Fun

The summer’s here and so it’s wedding season! A wedding takes months of careful planning, delegating, sweating and worrying. Will the church be available on the preferred date? Will it rain? Can we fit everyone into the venue? What will everyone eat?

A good way to settle at least one worry is to make sure that everyone’s glass is full at the reception bash afterwards! In years past the happy couple would put a tidy sum of money behind the bar so that the dads could have a few beers and Aunt Maud got her port and lemon. Nowadays the bar service isn’t lurking in the background anymore, it’s all part of the experience.

In many ways, weddings and cocktail bartenders are an ideal mix (‘scuse pun!). A personalised mixing service adds to the glamour of the occasion and you can even ask for themed cocktails. Maybe the bride or groom is from overseas, so you could offer his or her home country’s best cocktail.

Champagne cocktails are a must at a wedding and you could make a ceremony out of the bartender mixing the couple’s first fizz as man and wife, maybe just before their first dance. Later in the evening your mixologist can get busy with slightly more complex concoctions. One thing about the more complex cocktails, though, is that they take time to make if they’re done properly, so you should ensure that there’s a regular bar or drinks table. Not everyone will want more than one Margarita, and some traditional souls will be more interested in real ales!

Another nice touch at a wedding is some mocktails. Almost every wedding reception features children and pregnant women, so why should they miss out on the fun of having their very own special drink mixed before their eyes?

Add Some Glamour to Your Business Bash!

Every company and business needs to let its hair down once in a while, whether it’s the humble office Christmas do or a huge garden party to celebrate a merger. These events all take some serious planning, however, and sometimes if you choose a venue with its own staff, you might not get the right people for your function.

Guests at a corporate event tend to expect a high level of professionalism and service, which is why professional bartenders are a good idea. The regular staff at a venue are just as skilled and just as amenable, of course, but they pick up and reflect the ethos and “way” of that establishment. A professional bartender who works at a different venue every day, or week, has a special set of skills that allows him or her to adapt to a new atmosphere or a new set of rules. If you’re planning a corporate function, bartenders for hire are a good idea. You can be sure they’ll be well-trained in all aspects of hospitality service, from mixing the perfect mojito to dealing with a nosebleed or an incapacitated guest.

Having a team of professional bartenders takes some of the pressure off the hosts of the event. A lot of the tiny details of the party can be left down to the team, if the event has a theme, or a selection of themed cocktails, you can be sure that your hired hands will take care of it. As soon as guests arrive, if they see ranks of smartly dressed staff meeting and greeting mixing and chatting they’ll know straight away that they will be cared for very well indeed. A tightly-knit team of bartenders and service staff operate very much like airline cabin crew – impeccably dressed, cordial and professional, cool under pressure and quick to respond to mishaps both minor and major.

There’s no single solution to hiring event staff, so make sure you take the time to talk to the company you use so that you’ve got the right people with the right image and skills.

Mixing on the Move!

Recent years have seen the rise of the mobile bartender, with many new companies starting up and sending out experienced cocktail mixers and barkeeps to both private parties and corporate events.

Mobile bartenders bring the party to the people,and some of these drinks makers are so much in demand that they can become self-employed, whether on a part-time or full-time basis. It’s probably best to hire a mobile bartender from an established company, though, as then you have some sort of comeback in the unlikely event of you being unhappy with the service.

You need to look out for a bartending service that can cater for events as diverse as stag parties and baby showers, as then you’ll be certain that you’ll be hiring someone capable of adapting his or her persona – and drinks – to the event in hand. One thing you don’t want at a baby shower is a line of tequila slammers, right? Yes – a line of shots belongs at a stag party…

Obviously mobile bartenders bring the equipment for a good time with them, but some might ask that you provide some of the raw materials. Most companies, however, include the drinks in the overall bill.

When you’re looking for a suitable mobile bar service, make sure you talk to the organiser or the owner of the company about your needs before parting with any cash. A good, professional agency will want to spend time talking to you first and if you’re holding your event at home, you can always suggest a home visit beforehand. Mobile bars tend to come in two sizes and usually have their own plumbing, too.

For a small event, like a baby shower, just one small bar should do the trick, but for larger events, you may need several of the bars connected together. If you’re planning the bash quite a bit in advance, you can even ask the organiser about branding, or about a personalised message for the guest of honour.

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