Flair: A Cut Above The Rest

Flair: A Cut Above The Rest


What elements allow a good event to become memorable and truly fascinating? While the food, music and venue is indeed important, one of the best ways to create a truly enticing environment is through the use of what are known as flair bartenders. So, what exactly makes these professionals so very desirable and more importantly, what can you expect when choosing flair bartender for your next event?

Service With a Twist!

First of all, we will dispel with the myth that a flair bartender is simply a bartender alone. Not only will he or she boast a bespoke and truly expert knowledge of every drink you can imagine, but they will provide these tempting cocktails with what can only be called an artistic air. In other words, these professionals will offer a blend of personality, crowd interaction, cocktail knowledge and above all, attention to the finest of details.

What is a Drink Without Class?

Flair bartenders provides you and your guests with a class and style that will keep them coming back for more. However, there is also a flexibility in this unforgettable flavour. Perhaps you wish to surprise a bride and groom with a classical touch at their traditional wedding? Planning a corporate event and desire bartenders that will likewise appear as energetic professionals? From hen parties to retirement events and everything in between, flair bartenders have the ability to adapt to any scenario when the need dictates. They will seamlessly integrate into the event, their presence will never be overstated and yet the services that they offer will allow them to become one of the focal points of the day or evening.

What to Expect

If you have ever seen the movie Cocktail, you have a bit of an idea what you and your guests will enjoy. However, recall that this is only one side of their style; the finished product. Another benefit of hiring a flair bartender is that they will help out with any “behind-the-scenes” concerns. They can give advice on what theme may be the best, enable you to plan a reasonable budget and even tailor the drinks that they offer with the specific foods that will be served. In other words, flair bartenders offers much more than simple entertainment and drink mixing. On the contrary, we can help you tackle even the toughest of demands when it comes to cocktails and other refreshments. You can think of a flair bartender as a proverbial technician in his or her field. However, they all appreciate that such a style of tending bar is just as much of a changeable art form as it is merely a memorisation of specialty drinks. Thankfully, flair bartenders is well equipped to cater to even the most discrete of requirements with style and experience. If you wish to truly make a splash at your upcoming event, look no further than the flair bartenders that we offer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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