Corporate Cocktails


Corporate Cocktails


When an event is vital to your business, it is always worth organising it correctly. When you need a level of sophistication and desire a bar service that is a cut above the norm, then ProCocktails offers the solution. Our mobile pop-up cocktail bar is the ideal enhancement for product launches, sales conferences, sporting events, staff parties and other occasions.

It can be a complicated process knowing just how to keep your guests entertained, as well as suitably refreshed. One of the challenges is to avoid the perception of being starchy; so, you need to introduce a feature to your event that is tastefully elegant and will leave a positive impression on your clients, guests and management. ProCocktails professional mixologists are trained to deliver mouth-watering alcoholic and fruit-based cocktails with an air of panache that will register with your guests and remain as a reminder of your hospitality. At ProCocktails, we have established an exemplary reputation by offering our corporate clients an exacting level of service that is carefully balanced to introduce a level of refinement to every occasion.

Breaking the ice

Meeting and greeting your guests with a mouth-wateringly refreshingly chilled cocktail is an excellent way to break the ice (no pun intended!) that allows people to network and become acquainted during the prelude to the commencement of your event.

Our flexible approach means that ProCocktails will provide its cocktail bar service during times specified by you, or throughout your occasion.

ProCocktails fully trained mixologists are professionally skilful at making almost any cocktail, be it a Daiquiri, Tom Collins, Russian Mule or something that, dare we suggest, a little more diverse. Mixing refreshing cocktails requires a level of finesse, but you will find that our mixologists can, when desired, also bring a certain air of entertainment to the party.

Branded Cocktail Bars

When serving the needs of businesses, it is customary for ProCocktails to personalise the portable cocktail bar with your company’s corporate branding, usually in the form of a Foamex sign. If you provide us with artwork, we will make the necessary production arrangements.

It’s all in the mix

ProCocktails is renowned for being as flexible as you demand. We appreciate that no two events are ever the same. Therefore, we will work with you to ensure that the mix (oops, pun again!) and the number of cocktails provided are precision-matched to your event. For example – you decide the variety of cocktails you would like us to serve, at what time during the proceedings the bar is to be operated and whether you feel a pay-bar is preferable. We are happy to mix cocktails to match a specific theme or, even, ‘invent’ a beverage specifically for your company or occasion.

Fit for the Road

Cocktails do not, by necessity, have to be alcohol-based. ProCocktails is hired by many companies specifically to provide fruit-based non-alcoholic cocktails as alternative mouth-wateringly refreshing beverages at conferences, sales meetings, product launches and other events where many of your guests or employees will be driving after the event. These are every bit as refreshing and attractive as alcohol-based drinks, but your guests will be able to drink as many cocktails as they wish without any fear of being above the drink-driving limit.

Cocktail Workshops

Many ProCocktails corporate clients have used our Cocktail MasterClasses as vehicles for promoting team building and unity within their workforces. ProCocktails Masterclasses are devised to be both educational and fun for the participants. For further details, please see our Classes page.

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