Shaken - Not Stirred


Shaken - Not Stirred


At some time or other, many of us have wished we had the capability and knowledge to mix a perfect cocktail. However, when we try, what usually happens is that the beverage we produce doesn’t turn out quite as we intended. But, with ProCocktails help, this doesn’t have to be the case!

Now, with our COCKTAIL MASTERCLASS, any aspiring mixologist can learn the fundamentals and methodology of blending ingredients appropriately to mix the perfect cocktail. 

In an intriguing, fun-packed programme, our experts will teach you the science of matching ingredients for taste and character, and in what quantities. Once you have completed the session, you will have the confidence and knowledge to produce refreshing cocktails just like a professional. 

Who will benefit from the Cocktail Masterclass?

Well, the answer to this question must be just about anyone who has an interest in serving and sampling correctly mixed cocktails. Even if you don’t touch alcohol – there is still a place for you to enjoy our Masterclass because our experienced mixologists will also demonstrate the ways to mix incredible non-alcoholic cocktails. The Cocktail Masterclass is suited to any size group, and it is ideal for corporate or private occasions including product launches, store openings, garden parties, birthday, stag, hen and anniversary celebrations.

What is included in the Masterclass?

  • 2-hours of entertaining, practical tuition from an experienced ProCocktails mixologist
  • An outline of the history of cocktails and cocktail making
  • How to master the various cocktail making tools
  • Demonstration & hands-on cocktail pouring
  • The secrets of being an efficient bartender
  • Tuition on the best alcoholic spirits to use
  • How to blend mind-blowing non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Hands-on mixing of your own cocktails

How much does it cost to be a Masterclass delegate?

  • 1 Cocktail Per Person (£25pp)
  • 2 Cocktails Per Person (£30pp)
  • 3 Cocktails Per Person (£35pp)
  • 4 Cocktails Per Person (£40pp)

One mixologist (or multiple mixologists for larger groups) are included in the cost to provide expert tuition and demonstrations, use of cocktail making tools, the provision of all spirits and other ingredients, ice and glassware.

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