Cocktail Ideas for your next Corporate Event

Cocktail Ideas for your next Corporate Event

If you are looking for something a bit different for your next corporate event, why not serve free cocktails for all of those in attendance? Cocktail parties are bound to get everyone excited and ensure your event is one to remember, which is what corporate occasions are all about.

When hiring a cocktail bartender, you could get him or her to make a signature cocktail for your brand. This could be a cocktail that is the same colour as your company’s logo, for example. This is an excellent way to market your company. 

Another option is to choose a theme. For example, you could create cocktails from the movies. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous cocktails from the movies…

White Russian

This classic cocktail is widely considered one of the best cocktails around the world. You will be more than familiar with this drink if you have watched the film ‘The Big Lebowski’. The main character Jeff Lebowski, who insists on being called The Dude, orders White Russians throughout the entire movie. A typical White Russian is a mix of vodka, coffee liqueur, milk and ice. 

Red Eye

The Red Eye is a cocktail you will either love or hate. It was made famous in a film called ‘Cocktail’, where Tom Cruise makes the drink, which combines vodka, an egg, Bloody Mary mix and beer. It’s supposed to be a great hangover cure.


Anyone who watches Sex and The City will be familiar with the Cosmopolitan. The girls are always ordering a round of this pretty pink drink, which is made with vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice and lime cordial. 

Orange Whip

Fans of The Blues Brothers will remember the scene in the film when Burton Mercer orders Three Orange Whips. You have probably guessed the main ingredient by the name. Orange juice and orange sherbet is mixed with one egg white to create the drink. Nowadays, most Orange Whips are made with orange juice, rum, vodka and cream. 

French 75

If you love champagne, you’ll love this cocktail. It was originally created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris. However, it really became popular after it was featured in one of the most famous ever romance films, Casablanca. Yvonne’s boyfriend orders the cocktail for her, which is a mix of cognac, muddled sugar and lemon juice. The drink is then topped with champagne. 

Vodka Martini 

Last but not least, we have the Vodka Martini, which you will find on virtually every classic cocktail menu around the world. We can’t mention famous movie cocktails without talking about this drink. We’ve all found ourselves repeating the popular line from the film when Bond orders a Vodka Martini and says ‘shaken not stirred’. 

There are many other drinks featured in the James Bond films, such as the Mojito cocktail, which is widely considered the best rum cocktail. Other cocktails featured in James Bond movies include the Americano, Old-Fashioned, Stinger and Vodka Tonic. 

So there you have it: add some sparkle and fun to your next corporate event with cocktails! 

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