Cocktail Classes and Hen Parties are the Perfect Mix

Cocktail Classes and Hen Parties are the Perfect Mix


Arranging the entertainment for a hen party is a lot of fun! But it can also be a minefield. After all, hen parties are a chance for the bride-to-be to invite her nearest and dearest – from work colleagues and uni mates to sisters, aunts, and even mum. So how do you find something that’s suitable for all?

Whether you’re the hen or the chief bridesmaid, cocktail making classes are a great choice for throwing a killer hen party…with a twist! Here are five reasons why…

  1. The perfect ‘icebreaker’

This could be the first time many of the hen’s friends and family meet, but there’s nothing like trying something new to loosen everyone up while they get to know each other. Doing a shared activity is a great way to give the group something to focus on, and with your very own personal bartender to teach you the ropes, you’ll learn how to become a mixologist while having fun. And let’s face it, sharing a drink always helps break the ice!

  1. For every personality

Some love nothing more than getting everyone up on the dancefloor, while others may be adrenaline junkies. And then there are those who are content to enjoy a quiet catch up over drinks. A cocktail class doesn’t put anyone out of their comfort zone and you won’t get out of breath or find yourself bored! Instead, they’re the perfect way to bring together a mix of ages, personalities, abilities, and backgrounds. You can get to know each other throughout the session and share a laugh and a group photo. Not to mention have ample opportunity to toast the hen without the awkwardness of having to drag the group around bars and clubs!

  1. Fun and flexible

That’s not to say that you won’t want to throw some shapes at some point, and the flexibility of a cocktail making class means you can slot it in around other plans. For instance, it’s the perfect way to follow up a lovely lunch in a swanky hotel for a small but sophisticated hen party. Or it can warm up the group before a meal and a big night on the town. You can also make your event as boisterous or as low key as you want, depending on the mood of your group, by keeping it casual or throwing in a few hen party games!

  1. Cater to all tastes

Take a group of women to the pub and you’ll soon discover not everyone orders the same thing. Some prefer sweeter tastes while others crave a sour buzz. The range of cocktails out there is vast, which means your cocktail making class can be customized to suit all. From fresh and fruity mojitos to creamy and indulgent piña coladas, and tangy classics like a margarita.

  1. Suitable for non-drinkers

By the same token, not everyone drinks alcohol, but there are plenty of options for all. From a mojito and mock most to a virgin Mary, mocktails are just as fancy and fashionable as regular cocktails. And did we mention they’re just as delicious too? The group will have a blast trying out different flavor combinations to find an absolute winner.

There’s no doubt about it: hen parties bring together a wide range of people, and it can be tricky to cater for everyone. But with a cocktail class, no one needs to be left out. The class can be customized to your hen party’s size and needs so that everyone finishes the night with some new memories and new friends too.

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