Cocktail Business Events

Cocktail Business Events


In the build up to Christmas, one thing is on everyone’s mind – Christmas parties. Whether you’re having one at work, with friends, family or a club you’re part of, they are often fantastic events to look forward to and can be the highlight of the year. Sometimes you can find yourself attending a few every year and soon enough you’re a Christmas party pro. That’s how you’ll know that the drinks behind the bar make all the difference.

When everyone arrives and starts to mingle, everyone is busy. However, as the evening goes on, the atmosphere can sometimes fall flat. That’s where a little entertainment goes a long way. Instead of hiring some kind of performance or activity, which often doesn’t please everyone, having a cocktail selection and bartender adds the much-needed excitement.

Cocktails offer such a broad range of flavour combinations and mouth-watering tastes that there’s a drink for everyone. Instead of everyone ordering pints like they would down the local pub, cocktails add a certain level of sophistication to the event and make it feel like a stand-out celebration. The luxury experience is bound to make the Christmas party a memorable and fun occasion for all. Not everyone gets to treat themselves to cocktails all year round, so why not make the most of it at Christmas?

If you’re planning a work Christmas do with some high profile names on the guest list, or want to treat your colleagues or friends to a wonderful night out to conclude the year, it’s worthwhile considering getting some sophisticated drinks to mark the occasion. It’s bound to go a long way in building and maintaining relationships in an atmosphere that is both professional and fun.

On top of the elegant feel that cocktails provide, watching the expert bartender creating masterpieces is a sight for all to enjoy. Far more exciting that watching someone pour a beer, cocktails are a science and a treat to both watch and taste. Try something new and experience cocktails you’ve never had before to celebrate Christmas in the best way possible.

Flair Bartenders for your next event – add that little bit of magic

Want to add something special to your next event? Forget expensive entertainment or over the top decorations and opt for classic cocktails. Elegant and sophisticated, as well as a lot of fun for all, cocktails add a bit of colour and sparkle to any type of event.

Even better, to create these masterful drinks, a bartender with that extra flair will be on hand to engage guests in their work. Creating a cocktail isn’t like pouring any other drink. It takes skill, practice, knowledge.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a cocktail service at your next event:

1. Cocktails Are For Everyone
With so many tastes and flavours, there’s a cocktail for everyone. Add fruity tastes with your spirit of choice and grow from there. You never know, you might surprise yourself!

2. Flair Bartenders Are A Form Of Entertainment
Exciting to watch, these bartenders are in their element when they are hard at work over their masterpieces. Experts in their field and experienced at making the perfect cocktail, just watch their concentration as they manipulate the science of flavours to craft perfection.

3. Bartenders Bring The Event To Life
As well as a spectacle to watch, bartenders add movement and colour to any event, bringing bold energy and vibrant drinks to really get people excited. It’s not just the alcohol that will encourage people to hit the dancefloor, but also the lively vibes of the bar.

4. Get Everyone Socialising
What better way to bring together a group of people than through a shared enjoyment of cocktails? A conversation starter and a popular addition to any event, cocktails promote a togetherness like no other drink. With a bartender that adds some flair, everyone will be bonding over their favourite drinks and the excitement of watching them being made.

5. Be Unique
Not everyone opts for cocktails (we have no idea what causes this madness) and this means that your event will be truly memorable and unique. Guests love to enjoy the luxury of cocktails and it will be a pleasant surprise to top off a fantastic event.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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