ProCocktails bottled cocktails are a pre-batched solution with a difference. Designed for those who want to serve exotic, professionally mixed cocktails at speed with consistency and style, but without the high costs or commitment associated with a hired-in bar team.

By having perfectly mixed bottled cocktails readily on hand, cuts down on the need to hire a skilled bartender. The bottles contain all the ingredients required for each cocktail, but the drinks still have to be shaken before serving to blend it to perfection. Each bottle contains a 500ml cocktail mix – enough to provide four measures per glass once shaken.

Your made-to-order cocktails are crafted only from the freshest ingredients. All cocktails are mixed once your order is received. These are supplied in high-quality plastic bottles and dispatched by next day delivery to arrive in time for your event. An adequate supply of appropriate beverage garnished is included with your order.

Although – due to their appeal – we do not anticipate a need for storing our cocktails too long – nevertheless if kept refrigerated – the cocktails will remain in peak condition for up to two weeks.


Our mission is to make delicious cocktails available to anyone at any time, in any place, with the least amount of effort. All you need do is shake the bottle well before pouring into a shaker, then like a pro, shake 125ml of content for approximately 8-10 seconds, strain into its cocktail glass and garnish to quickly refresh your guest’s taste buds. Impress your party guests by offering exceptional, tasty cocktails without having to spend your time mixing all the different ingredients. As a perfect host, and to break the ice (pun intended!) why not offer your guests the opportunity to shake their own cocktails? What better way can there be for strangers to get to know each other?

With ProCocktails pre-mixed bottled cocktails there is:

  • No need for an array of expensive bar-tending equipment 
  • No costly & time-consuming need to search shops for the exact ingredients
  • No need to seek out recipes to decide on the ingredients you require
  • No chance of serving your guests a lousy cocktail
  • No need for any previous bar-tending experience

The ProCocktails range of bottled cocktails are crafted by our skilled professional mixologists, who perform all of the precise mixing, in the same way they would if they were with you in person. The only difference is that the cocktails are freshly mixed on our premises when you place your order and are then delivered to your event in bottles ready for you to just shake and serve.


Each bottle is lovingly blended using hand-selected ingredients, pressed fruits, premium spirits and liqueurs. These are all combined/mixed with the exact balance and bottled for your perfect cocktail experience. While every order includes a shaker free of charge, you can use your own glasses, although professional glassware and ice can be ordered separately and delivered with your order.

ProCocktails new professionally mixed bottled cocktails take nothing away from the fun of your party. They just make life easier for the host without losing any of the razzmatazz of shaking, garnishing, pouring and enjoying.

ProCocktails can create a selection of perfectly balanced, pre-batched cocktails that are served from a ‘Cocktail Bank’. The efficient delivery & seamless service compliments the ethos perfectly.

  • Alcoholic and alcohol-free cocktails available
  • All cocktails are bespoke 
  • Available in small quantities or in bulk 
  • Orders delivered to your door by next day courier
  • Glassware hire service available if required
  • Ice can be provided with substantial orders
  • Refund on bottles returned

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