A decade ago, Brazilian born Janison Tavares Costa discovered a niche in the corporate service industry that he was well-qualified to fill. After realising that the socialite fashion of entertaining friends over cocktails had declined in favour of traditional bars, Janison, enthusiastically set about reviving a habit of the past. He quickly embarked on some research and learned that, despite an overwhelming enjoyment of cocktails, only a handful of mobile bar providers were specifically adept at offering a full, bespoke cocktail drinking experience to a private party and corporate organisers that wished to stimulate guests with a sophisticated form of beverage participation.

Thus, ProCocktails was born to fulfil a specialised need by offering clients an opportunity to enjoy exotically appealing cocktails, sometimes alongside a traditional bar. The innovative idea quickly became successful, proving that partygoers and social event participants would welcome the chance to experience the enjoyment of drinking freshly mixed cocktails that many had only rarely sampled while holidaying in distant parts of the world.

Janison’s unbounded enthusiasm was backed by a wealth of experience he had acquired from serving discerning customers as a cocktail barman in some of the best bars of Florida and Europe.

The stage was set! ProCocktails was formed with the aim of introducing partygoers to something more-defined and fresh than the standard, often-bland wines, spirits and beers that are served at most events. Suddenly, guests at private house parties, weddings, conferences, product launches and all kinds of occasions were thrilled to experience the exotic delights and tantalising tastes of freshly blended cocktails mixed to order by skilled mixologists.

ProCocktails cannot claim total responsibility for reviving a delightful form of social drinking that had probably peaked during the late nineteenth-century and inter-war years. However, Janison’s inspiration has certainly made a major contribution to the resurgence of cocktail drinking by introducing the zest and vitality associated with the full cocktail experience to everybody.

Strangely, when ProCocktails began, there had been a level of opinion among prospective clients that the cost of setting up a mobile bar to deliver a range of freshly mixed cocktails would be prohibitive. They couldn’t have been more wrong! The provision of a full, bespoke cocktail bar service with one or more professional mixologists is highly affordable and can be more cost-effective than hiring a traditional bar – and will ultimately be more fun!

With an ethos of mixing cocktails using only high-end branded spirits, mixers and fresh garnishes, ProCocktails guarantees to deliver a refined and invigorating experience to private parties and corporate gatherings, small and large. Everything is tailored to the client’s individual requirements. The custom-built bars can be decked with corporate branding, and a variety of inclusive cocktail packages are available based on the occasion and number of guests. A bar and fully experienced mixologist can be provided for as little as two hours.

Depending on the event, clients also have an exhilarating choice of alcoholic cocktails, and the latest trend in non-alcoholic cocktails based around alcohol-free spirits that are distilled using traditional methods.

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