Spice up your next Corporate Event

Spice up your next Corporate Event

8 Ways to Add Flair to your Corporate Event

If you are spending precious resources on a company event, you’ve chosen the perfect corporate venue, caterers organised, perfect guest speaker, all you need now is something to maximise on that opportunity and make sure it gets you, and your brand noticed. 

In years gone by, a nice venue, decent catering, and some background music might have been enough to keep guests entertained, but today, people expect the wow factor. 

With that in mind, here are 8 ways you can add flair to your next corporate event:

  1. Invite a Local Celebrity

While you may have local politicians in attendance as special guests or delegate speakers, you could always reach out to local celebrities to see if they would be willing to attend, or even better, speak at your event. Many will provide these services for a fee, but if they tie into your industry well, or make sense for the theme of your event, they can be an excellent investment. 

  1. Get a Mobile Cocktail BarMobile Bar Hire

Whether you want to serve guests a cocktail reception or have an on-site cocktail bar available for the whole evening, companies like ProCocktail can provide an all-inclusive mixologist package or pay-as-you-drink service.

Janison Costa, owner of ProCocktails said: “A mobile cocktail bar has become a really popular and different form of entertainment for corporate events. It really impresses guests – they get amazing drinks with fantastic service, and you’re free to enjoy your function knowing your guests are having a great time.”

A cocktail bar can add a touch of fun and glamour to your party, with many companies able to offer a personalised, signature cocktail for the occasion.

  1. Hire a Photo Booth

Photo Booths are the new BIG thing, and they are great at helping you promote your brand. The booth itself can be decorated in your graphics, the final images can have a wash of your logo on them, and you can use the power of social media and hashtags, along with a prize for the best photo, to give your event exposure a boost. 

  1. Use Smart Lighting

Great lighting adds atmosphere and lifts the overall mood of your event from good to great. Various lighting options are available – from spotlighting on speakers to a colour-wash for the whole room, and from pin spotting tables, to LED dance floors. 

  1. Serve Food with a Difference

Instead of serving a sit-down meal, consider a buffet with a range of local delicacies. Or, depending on the formality of your event, have fish and chips served in paper cones, an outdoor BBQ, local dishes served as mini tasters, or a party food spread. 


  1. Bring the Entertainment Factor

Some corporate functions can feel quite dry, and after a while, it can get a little boring. Keep your guests entertained and engaged by running a competition, raffle, or table quiz, throughout the course of the event. It’s a great idea to sponsor a local charity for the event, and raise some funds from your entertainment to go towards a great cause. 

  1. Have Some Performers

There is a wide range of performers out there – from live bands to singing waiters, and comedians to acrobatics and even flair bartenders. Set your corporate event apart from the rest, and make sure your guests remember it for all of the right reasons. There are a wide variety of artists and performers out there, who will suit your brand, and work with you to ensure guests are highly entertained and feel like part of the event. 

  1. The Element of Surprise

Any of the above can be used as an element of surprise, as long as it isn’t mentioned in the invite, and guests aren’t told about it before the event, it counts. Adding unexpected styles of entertainment, music, décor, or activities, or having an unanticipated performance or change in activity, can stimulate guests’ interest and elevate your event from a typical conference to a memorable experience.


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